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Welcome To Elite Medical

Welcome to Elite Medical! Thank you for choosing us for your alternative health and medical cannabis needs. Have a seat, have some tea and relax. Our hope is that you leave our clinic with a good understanding of your health and well being; feeling better than when you arrived.

Medical History

Every time you have a visit with Elite Medical, we ask that you fill out a Medical History Form. This is to ensure that our providers have the most up to date information about your health in our effort to provide their best service possible. The Medical History Form reviews basic life habits, new and old problems and how you treat them. Consider each question carefully and answer as clearly as possible. The information you provide contributes significantly to your visit. We want to make sure you receive the quality you deserve.

The ID Card

All Elite Medical patients receive a verification ID card following their appointment. The verification ID card is the recommendation made into a card form. It allows easy, accessible verification and convenience for patients. Law enforcement and dispensaries are aware of our card and verification processes.

Verification can be made online or by calling (510) 556-1000

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